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Genre:                  Comedy; adventure; family; animation.
Director:              Eric Darnell, Tom McGrafth, and Conrad Vernon
Cast:                     Ben Stiller, Chris Rock,David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith.
Length:                1 hr. 33 min.

My parents are so adorably obvious not part of our I’ve-got-an-app-for-that-generation. One of my brothers (who recently turned 17) was going to have his birthday bash, so my parents dragged their huge iMac (I know, don’t get me started on that one) into their bedroom. So that they could watch movies. Online. Being the dutiful children that we are, the three of us helped them out. My youngest brother told them which site he always uses, the birthday brother explained how to use it. What more could you need? JUDGMENT. Because my parents had decided to watch The Iron Lady (perfectly approved), after first watching a happy animation. I can barely say it. All right. Here goes. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. That’s right. I am not repeating it. That series has only gotten worse and worse as they stuffed the sequels down our collective throats. I told them no. Nonoononono. No. Don’t. But what then? The only other animation that I could think of (in the context of the previous one just having been released on DVD at moment of writing) was Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. I enjoyed the first one very much, the second one was mjeh, and now there is a third. I thought it might be less horrible than their other choice. I was wrong, in a manner of speaking. It was amazing.

With the opening of the movie, all the animals are still stranded in Africa, and they seem to have gotten slightly bored. The penguins managed to reconstruct their airplane, but they also decided to leave everyone behind. The gang (Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippopotamus, Julian the King, and his 2 trusty sidekicks) decides to take revenge and acquire their skills again in one smooth move. They locate the penguins in the Casino of Monaco and start the pursuit. Which immediately goes awry because of a squabble over leadership. The authorities notice the animals, and they put this French animal control lady on the case. And my, is she dedicated! To escape her, travel across Europe in the hopes of finding passage to New York, while being unnoticed, they buy a circus. They talk with the animals, their show is horrible, they rehearse new performances, and then they have to perform for a talent scout in London who could take them all to London. That is hands down the most memorable scene of the entire movie. It is the first time you see the animals doing what they’re supposed to do. There is amazing light and amazing music, and oh my the graphics! I was sad when that scene ended. You should watch the entire movie for that one scene.

SPOILER PART Of course, they are successful and get to perform in the Big Apple. Or so they think. The circus animals find out that the gang is not actually circus, which had been their one condition for letting them join. So they are kicked out and go to the zoo. Where they discover that’s not their home anymore. The French lady is still in the game though, and she captures the 4. Julian manages to escape and alerts their friends. They have a change of heart, rescue them (in another spectacular scene), and everyone lives happily ever after. ENDING SPOILER

Almost everyone (except for Marty, for some reason) seems to have found their soulmate. Melman and Gloria are actually very believable as a couple in this one, Alex has found Gia the Italian leopard, and Julian is just sooooo cute with his Sonya the Bear. It was a big move to introduce all these new characters, and you don’t get to know all of them as much as some. But the ones that are the most important to the storyline really have  their own identity, and you won’t easily forget them. I was especially thrilled about the soundtrack, because scores from the previous 2 have been incorporated too. I find this installment to be the best of the trilogy, and I hope this series will remain a trilogy. It would be so difficult to top this, and I don’t want to think of those circus animals to be in trouble again!

Final judgment: Seeing as it’s no longer possible to watch it in cinemas: get the DVD/Blu-ray (yes, I said it!) and hook up with someone who has a beamer :)


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