Don’t touch that! Why prometheus should’ve worked better on its own.

Prometheus (2012)
Adventure, Mystery, Sci Fi.
Director: Ridley Scott
Starring: Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall Green and Michael Fassbender.

Ah, sci fi. Home sweet home for a geek like me. It’s a nice genre; it’s dependable, it’s spectacular, innovative and it somehow always comes up with a new kind of special effect or something. Also, it has as a pretty clear canon of ‘the great works’. Think of masterpieces from the 80’ties like 2001: a space oddysey, the original Star Wars trilogy, Blade Runner. One of the most prolific and well known works that for most people is in this canon is Alien(1979). Alien mixed the sci fi genre together with horror and boy, did that work out. Not only did it scared the audience (and the cast, sometimes. Yeah the director was a dick and didn’t tell the cast what exactly was going to happen at certain…’moments’ for a more real reaction) shitless with things like creatures attaching to your face and making you pregnant with a baby that literally bursts out of your stomach, but the looming danger in the dark spaceship corridors made an imprint on many a geek and movie-goer.
The succes of Alien didn’t went without consequences so multiple sequels were made and a few Alien vs. Predator movies.
After two years of the not-that-good (understatement) Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, Ridley Scott began working on a prequel of the Alien Franchise: Prometheus.

This summer it was released and I sort-of didn’t care about it enough to see it in theatres.
I don’t know why I think I had a bit of a movie overload with the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. When the dvd release was there, my interest in it was rekindled and I downloaded. (shut up, dvd’s are expensive).

[spoiler alert]

The movie begins with some archaeologists (Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall Green) digging on planet earth. They find something that points towards a planet. They set out with a large crew of ‘funny’ characters, a grumpy boss lady(Charlize Theron) and a robot(Micheal Fassbender)  to find this planet and what answers it may hold to the creation of the human race. Apparently, a race of big, white bald men ‘the engineers’ created us and it’s high time they were paid a visit. So they all climb in a ship, sleep for an extremely long time and wake up when they have reached their destination.

The planet is of course, not entirely normal and barren. There are huge, half circle shaped structures on it. The team investigates and soon we come to the conclusion that the robot SHOULD STOP TOUCHING THINGS. Seriously, first thing he does is activate some sort of hologram memory thing which shows that the engineers were running from something. Bad thing. Don’t go any further. They go further and find out a large room with cylinders, oozing black goo. The robot, of course takes some of this with him. Fast forward the plot: Two guys of the team get lost and get killed. David (the robot) touches stuff and finds some engineers in stasis. David causes the main female scientist(Noomi Rapace)  to become pregnant with an alien squid (by poisoning her husband before the scientist and her partner have sex, causing the poison to become some sort of insemination…thing). The female scientist aborts the squid all by herself. Her husband dies. David and the old boss of the whole company go to wake the engineer, because the old boss doesn’t want to die of old age. The engineer becomes angry and actually wants to release the black goo, poison thing on earth. The main space ship where the scientist came in (who are almost all dead now btw) leaves and comes back to ram the alien ship that is destined for earth. The alien ship, crashing into the ground, kills the boss lady who was running around there. The female scientist survives, and has to run for her life from the engineer, who wants to murder her (just like everything wants murder everyone in this movie). The engineer gets killed and the female scientist and the head of the robot (he got decapitated) leave the planet with another alien space ship. Meanwhile, the engineer is actually pregnant with a baby alien from the Alien movie and that thing bursts out of his chest. THE END.

[spoilers over]

The movie was certainly not a bad one, but I have some points. At first I really liked the setting. It seems genuine and the environments and the use of technology is believable. The characters were a different cup of tea. I had the feeling like some of the characters (like the robot and the female scientist) were much more fleshed out then others, who were verging on stereotypes. The plot was a bit too transparent and lacked mystery. The fact that the robot and the boss lady have a secret agenda is obvious and that everyone is going to die was basically in the trailer.

For a science fiction movie without any ties to an existing franchise, this would’ve worked for me. What bothers me is that it has to fit within the Alien universe. That’s because it goes to so much effort to do so, it’s painful. Take the engineers, for one. An engineer was in Alien and it gave some sense of a larger scale, but now they wanted to make something new and suddenly the form we saw in Alien is a space suit? It just feels too forced, like they wanted to do something different but were held back by the franchise. In the end, it doesn’t even click that well with Alien after all, so the continuity is badly done anyway.

My verdict: It’s a decent enough science fiction movie, with a simple, but enjoyable plot and some good characters. It’s just a shame that it tries to force itself into the Alien franchise, which doesn’t feel well done.


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