Easy A: The Soundtrack, And More

I was in a very happy mood film-wise, so I finished watching Pitch Perfect. It’s continuous referencing of The Breakfast Club made me watch that one, and I rewatched the movie which sparked my interest for 80s teen movies: Easy A. I’ve put the book about the period on the wishlist, put the movies referenced in Easy A on my to watch list, and downloaded its soundtrack. I think it’s fair to say that I might be slightly obsessed. That’s okay though. I know myself and I know that I have periods of serious obsession (mostly with film/TV. I can’t think of any other instances right now). I’ll be fine!

Reelsoundtrack Blog

There are 32 brilliant songs in the Easy A soundtrack, but there’s not a soundtrack album with all of them. That’s a damn shame, but not to worry, because we’ve pulled all of the songs from Easy A together for you along with notes on the scenes they were in, including Sweet Thing, Death Cab, Rooney, the Cary Brothers and Dan Black, one of my favorite artists of the past year. Only part of his song Symphonies is in the movie, but I’m hopeful that it serves as enough of a teaser for people to explore more, because Dan Black is absolutely amazing.

I hope you enjoyed the music as much as I enjoyed the movie too. Hilarious stuff. Any movie that can take a Google Earth reference and play it back and forth for a while is alright by me. And if you weren’t already in love with Emma…

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