For me, weekends can only have one out of two functions. Either I’ve been dreading it since Monday, because it’s gonna be a study-hard weekend. No partying hard allowed. Or it’s gonna be the exact opposite of that, the fuck-it-all-I’m-lazy-balling-over-here weekend. Needless to say, I prefer the second option. HOWEVER. The moment has come to combine these two types. Please consider the fact that this is the last weekend of this year. It’s only my third weekend of my six-week break. And I am officially considering doing some work for school. It’s a sad moment indeed.

On the other hand, it’s some pretty cool schoolwork, I can tell you that. Anybody ever hear of an IRP? It’s the officially recognized abbreviation for Independent Research Project. And I’m gonna do one. In my fifth semester (Fall 2013). And, you might have already guessed this part, it’s gonna be about FILM. One problem. Narrowing it down. There is so much cool stuff out there you guys! It’s crazy! So, what I’m doing now, is reading. A LOT of reading. All orientation, trying to figure out which aspects of film and film historiography are still discussed and require some further academic attention. I could take fifteen books on one card from the library. And it was actually difficult to narrow the pool of awesomeness down to fifteen. I never had thought that to be possible. Crazy world huh? So far, I have finished three. I think I’m allowed to be at least a little proud. No. NO. Stop it! I’M NOT LISSSSTENINNNG. LAAALAAALAALALALALAAA.

Don’t worry though guys. I’m trying to not drive myself crazy, and I think I have succeeded so far. This may require a professional opinion though. Anyways, this was going to be a mixed weekend. Which means that I am allowed some relaxing time as well. Don’t you just love those moments? I have a playlist on my computer, just for Sundays. occasionally, I am rebellious and play it on Saturdays as well. When I’m in the mood to just watch the world burn, you know? My relaxing obsession of the moment is MuggleHustle. It is amazing and I can’t get enough of it. When scrolling through those tweets, I have my HP soundtrack on, obviously. Best combination ever.

Except, there is something better. Marathons. That would just combine the whole thing. The story. The reactions. The music. I have once done a Harry Potter filmmarathon, and I can tell you this much: TRY IT. It was sooo good. So many memories. And with the knowledge gained from knowing what the general storyline overall is, some scenes only become that more interesting. And the Christmas scenes guys! LOVE. The landscapes! HOGWARTS! I feel a geekgasm coming up, so I’ll just stop while I’m ahead.

To some of you, this post will not have made a lot of sense. This is understandable. Please don’t feel bad about yourself. It’s just, I can get into a weird bubbly mood at moments, and I just have to go with it. The above is only a diluted result. Please do a Harry Potter marathon. I guarantee you’ll love it :)


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