I’m Back, Baby!

And with lots of ideas! Inspiration (and discipline) had abandoned me for a while. It seems impossible now that so much has happened in the past few days! Internet seems to positively be buzzing with movie vibes. So let’s get right into the thick of it, shall we?

Oscar polls! Yesyes! So, I entered 2, and I must say I am mildly pleased with the results. In one, we had to choose 4 categories we felt sure about and predict the outcome. I had 3 correct: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Animated Feature (I missed out on Best Actress).
For the other we went all the way, and I had – ahum – 7,5 correct. Not very proud of that one, but bear in mind that I had 5 out of the 6 major categories (in my book, which is based on what I had correct, these categories are Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, and Director) right!

The ceremony! I am not even going to touch upon Seth MacFarlane, because I believe we have all heard enough about him now. Seeing as I live in The Netherlands, it was 1:30 AM when the livestream started, and we were ready (after following the red/cayenne carpet on three different streams). I followed it until 4 o’clock, which means we stopped after the second block of 3 Best Picture noms. Highlights for me? Goldfinger! And that’s about it. Nothing much really happened in that timeframe, other than DANIEL RADCLIFFE AND JGL DANCING ON THE SAME STAGE. Perfection. AS DID CHANNING TATUM. And let’s not forget about the many appearances of EDDIE REDMAYNE. I may have lost consciousness for a little bit every time he graced the computerscreen.
From the second part (which I didn’t see live), of course Skyfall by Adele and the performance by the Les Misérables-cast. Not original, but still true.

On to JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Whoever came up with the moniker J-Law should be ashamed of himself. Unacceptable. Anyway, it seems that she is all over Tumblr (nothing unusual there), but now she has acquainted an even larger group of people with her charming (and awkward, but oh-so-fangirl) personality. Standout moments include her reaction during MacFarlane’s Boob Song and her tragic fall on the way up the stage. She didn’t even know Hugh Jackman was running to save her (becoming an instant prince Charming in shining armor on a white horse named Maximus in a heartbeat, and forever upping girls’ expectations everywhere around the world , but when she was notified she reacted very properly. And can we all just take a moment to admire the iconic-ness of this one image and the tradition it stands in?

Even when embarassing herself on national television, it looks graceful.

Even when embarassing herself on national television, it looks graceful.

JAMES BOND is the name! Yes, it was a shame that the Academy compilation was not really all that attractive, and yes it’s a shame they didn’t manage to bring all Bonds together (heck, they didn’t even manage all the Avengers), but hey! We got Goldfinger and Adele! That’s at least something right? No? Not enough? Okay fine. Here’s a compilation created by a fellow Dutchie. It quickly went viral, and the dude has just as quickly become my idol. Just so you know.

Whew. That’s it for today, folks. I’ll try to not keep you hanging quite this long for the next one!


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