Film In My Life (Get It? GET IT?)

Yep. Me too. We all know that feel.

Lacking any real inspiration, I thought I might regale all of my dedicated readers by looking at how often I actively encounter film during my everyday life. These are the instances I noticed today (so far), in no particular order:

HUNGER GAMES. One of the websites in my tabs when I start up Chrome is hypable. Over the course of last week, the Hunger Games-franchise has been releasing some character posters for the second installment in the series: Catching Fire. I was not really interested. Then hypable came with a post on the various costume designers behind the shots, and that was really cool (because this)! So I clicked through to their round-up post. Only one conclusion can be drawn: it looks AWESOME and I’m getting pepped (judge all you want, it’s not gonna change anything). Also: note my anticipation for the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones, because it’s going to be amazing!

To continue. For one of my courses I have to monitor a certain media output (and analyze and draw conclusions, but that’s still quite bit ahead in the process, so let’s not get scared and panicky just yet) for three weeks. I wanted to do something movie-related (obviously), but watching all the movies that are released during that period would not be very financially viable… So now I’m monitoring trailer release!
I almost forgot this morning, but almost is not completely so there you go.

In related academic news: for another course I have to present on the representation of the Vietnam war in film. And boy, is there a lot of material out there! I posted a request for titles (you never know what I don’t know) on Facebook, and got a lot of results. I take no responsibility for any possible spelling mistakes, here are the reactions as given by their respective owners:
Good Morning Vietnam; Forrest Gump; apocalypse now; The deer hunter; Hair!; Love and Honor; full metal jacket; Across the universe!; Apocalypse now (yes, again); Platoon; tropic thunder?; Hamburger Hill. So definitely a lot of variety there!

And finally my love for soundtracks kicked in as well. My dad had created some sort of playlist, which included a remix of Flashdance from Flashdance. Of course, I responded by creating a list of the best soundtracks from the 1980s. So there.

That is all.


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