Listing The Movies…

Now I can’t get out of it anymore. Only a few days ago I said that I would try to do this if there was animo for it, and then today’s Daily Prompt was basically the Universe telling me YES. I guess. So let’s see how far I get!

Everyone who knows me, knows that lists are my thang. I live by them. They are my Code. Without I would literally not know what to do. I always believe this is because of my specific genetical mix. My mother is very organized, always on time. My dad… not so much. Like me, he is always losing (no: misplacing, temporarily not knowing where something is) things. I try to counter my father’s genes by using my mother’s genes. Which results in lists and lists and lists! On the movie site I use most often, I try to keep track of what I have watched and what I want to watch (though I’m not very successful in this endeavor any more as of late).

According to that list, I last used the site on February 1st of this year to watch The Aristocats. That is definitely not up to date. The movie I watched most recently is Serenity (after having gotten addicted to Firefly, obviously). The last time I added a movie to the To Watch list, was October last year. I am feeling increasingly ashamed of myself as this post meanders along. But let’s get to the most interesting of lists I have here: the favorites! And no, it’s not (like most of you would probably suspect) just Disney. Or Dreamworks. Or even animation. I have a total of 22 listed, with the last one added December last year. And The Lion King is not on there, so it’s definitely incomplete. Here’s a summary:

  • 10 are animated
    • 3 are Disney-produced
    • 5 are Dreamworks
    • 1 is Twentieth Century Fox (which should immediately tell you the title of the movie, really)
    • 1 is Warner Bros.
  • So, that means that 12 are live action. Let’s go by genre here.
    • Adventure/action: 4
    • Romance/high school: 4
    • Comedy: 1
    • Personal/philosophical: 3

And it all added up nicely! I feel mature knowing that less than half was animated, but unsure whether that’s a good or a bad thing. On the other hand, this really doesn’t tell you guys anything. So let’s do it like this: I’m gonna create top 10. In random order, because it would really become too demanding for my emotions. 4 will be from the list above, 4 from my personal DVD and VHS collections, and 2 from my pc, or the cinema, or wherever. There is definitely overlap between these categories, but that just can’t be helped. Oh dear. What have I gotten myself into. Okay, breathe… I can do this.

  • The Lion King (video)
  • The Breakfast Club (1channel)
  • Easy A (1channel)
  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1channel)
  • How To Train Your Dragon (1channel)
  • Hercules (video)
  • Aladdin (video)
  • Stardust (DVD)
  • Jurassic Park (pc)
  • Van Helsing (pc)

These are my favorite movies, I could watch these any time (and I usually do). (Some of) these are definitely not the best movies I have ever seen. And yes: there is a difference!

UPDATE: The Lion King has been moved to the top of the list, because a friend of me pointed out (and rightfully so) that “Despite the fact that it is in random order, the Lion King should still be on top of the list. End of discussion. Period.” Need to keep my followers happy!

Also, I thought I might include some honorable mentions:

  • Lemony Snicket’s: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
  • And, of course, with an eye-catcher like that one: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy could not be excluded

And finally: the decisions about the movies that made the list were definitely influenced by factors lined out here.


13 thoughts on “Listing The Movies…

  1. Easy A, How to Train Your Dragon and The Lion King are some of my all-time favourites! You should absolutely not feel bad if your animated movies outnumber the rest; most of the time they’re better than all the other movies out there. ;)

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