I Got Nothing.

I finally had my own movie moment yesterday! My birthday is on the 30th of April, which is a national holiday here in The Netherlands (until next year, when it will be moved to the 27th. yeah), My parents decided it might be a nice idea to celebrate earlier, because the 30th is always crazy busy. There’s people literally everywhere you go. So we went to an Italian restaurant (yay for Italy everyone!), where we ordered fancy Chianti and it was good. There was this live guitar player and the food was divine. We ordered dessert, but mine took quite a while… AND THEN THE STAFF COMES OUT WITH THIS FIREWORK-THINGIE ON MY DESSERT AND THE GUY IS SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I’M OVER HERE LIKE “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING THIS IS TOO F***ING AWESOME” and it was actually happening and that was my very own personal movie moment. Now I know, that if my life were a movie, it would most probably be a romantic comedy set in high school. Too bad I’m already out of high school. Does this mean that my life as a movie has already ended? I’m so confused now. Does my life still have a purpose?

Yesterday it did at least, because after dinner we went to go and see Iron Man 3, and as expected it was awesome. How could it not be. I had only watched a review of the trailer, and I skimmed through another review of the actual movie, so I went in not being very prepared. I gotta tell all of you about the entire experience though. My parents had ordered tickets via internet, so you get sent this barcode over email and at the theater you hold it in front of a scanner and then the tickets just roll out. My parents took a few moments being positively amazed at how far technology has come in a few years, while me and my brothers were just standing there thinking “ugh.” Only after we had seen the movie, I related this back to the character of Happy, and how he did not know how to work a tablet. I usually like to think that my parents have gotten past that stage, but I’m not entirely sure really.

Anyways, we were walking towards the actual hall where the movie would be screened, and who do you think is standing outside? Yep. Iron Man. In the flesh. Though not really. It was a cosplay organized by the theater, and all I could think was: “he’s so tiny…” He was though! I am not familiar with American measures, but he couldn’t have been taller than 1.70 meters. So there you go: not very impressive. Then again, I’ve heard that Robert Downey Jr. is not the tallest either, so maybe it was just good research? Ah well.

Now, for the movie. Like I mentioned earlier, it was appropriately awesome. It was everything it was expected to be, everything it was hoped to be, and more. I’m not going to waste too many words on this, but I just want to say that I love the character development for Tony Stark, and how he knows all he cares about is Pepper, and how he lets her know this in his own clumsy ways. They look so much like a real couple, in how they interact and how they have their problems, and just everything. And Stark also grows outside of his relationship with Pepper. He acknowledges that he may have been partly responsible for what is happening: he had created his own demons. I love his interaction with the kid. I am not sure if this was already common knowledge or not, but it’s too late know. He gets helped by this one kid and how they work together is also just perfect. Stark doesn’t treat him as a kid, and the kid knows Stark is not his father, and they are connected on some higher level. I love Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. Let me just say his arc involves a plot twist I did NOT see coming. It was perfect.

And then it was over, and the credit sequence appeared, in all its comic-style genius. And then I realized: this is a MARVEL movie! SO THERE’S GOING TO BE AN EXTRA SCENE! But my parents and brothers were all like “meh” and I was all like “Oooww” and let it suffice that we didn’t wait for the extra scene. So now I have to go and hope that someone maybe uploaded it to YouTube (which would be bad guys! Don’t record movies in cinema! I mean come on!) and geek out over it later.


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