Call For Feedback!

Raising awareness through film you guys!

Raising awareness through film you guys!

Hi all! Yesterday was my birthday, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of cinema coupons I got. People know me too well. But hey, I’m not complaining! However, because I spent so much time ignoring school because of my birthday, now I have some catching up to do. Once again, I am working on a movie business-related project for school, and once again it is nagging me. So, to make it more fun, I thought this time I would ask for some feedback from my valued readers. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness in a community for a topic of my choice. My focus is film as (Dutch) cultural heritage (i.e. that it actually is a part of our cultural heritage), and I’m working together with someone else who is looking at the representation of Dutch culture in international film.

Right now, we have the idea to create a sort of promotional video clip, which raises these issues, and try to get it out into the community.

So, what do we want feedback on, you might be wondering? First of all: do you feel these are issues which deserve more attention? Are they even issues? Just wondering. How would you tackle a project like this one? What sort of organizations would you approach to get a clip hosted on websites? Do you think a clip is the way to go? By the way, the clip will direct through to a project which looks into which films should officially become part of the Dutch film canon, which I personally think is quite cool :) That sort of thing. Any other feedback is welcome as well of course! Maybe you know something else that’s sort of interactive or something?

I know it’s all a bit vague, but please just sound off your thoughts in the comments, we would really appreciate it! Would an incentive help? Like virtual cookies to anyone who comments? Yeah, that should get you guys flocking in. Hope to hear from you!


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