Bridging The Gaps (2/2)

What are stereotypes? Are they an issue? Can they have a negative impact on people? Some people may argue that stereotypes are not harmful and it’s true, not all of them are. For example, all Dutch speak English, that is true to an extent and it also makes tourists feel more comfortable visiting The Netherlands. However it’s the harmful ones that we need to keep an eye out for. Amsterdam is known as the unoffcial drug center of Europe. A couple years ago there was a FOX news report that reported that Amsterdam was in complete chaos due to drug issues and that it was being overrun by drug lords. Obviously that wasn’t true. Did people believe it? Of course! Who doesn’t naturally assume that official news is “accurate” and “researched”? This is a problem! If you look around, there are more examples of this kind of issue happening.

Focusing on films, do we see this happening in film as well? How do films depict Dutch stereotypes? Do they influence their viewers perspective on the Dutch? Or is it just harmful fun that should just be brushed off? Check out our video and tell us what you think :)

And here’s a translation of the Dutch text in the clip, provided by yours truly:

Is there ONE Dutch culture? How is that Dutch culture represented in international film? The Girl With A Pearl Earring represents the Dutch culture at least respectfully and somewhat accurately. The whole film is permeated with the Dutch commercial spirit. On the other side of the spectrum there is the film Eurotrip. This film emphasizes some of the most derogatory Dutch stereotypes. Film can do much for the Dutch culture. It can promote the Dutch culture, internationally as well. But film can just as easily misrepresent the Dutch culture. That is why Dutch films and depictions of Dutch culture in international films deserve more attention.


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