Film Addict, And Proud

Semester has ended, projects are done, now it’s time for some good old fun! Or to be more specific: now it’s time to blow some more life in my blog!

Since I have no more work to distract me from what is really important (keeping my blog alive), I will indulge myself with reminiscing on a few of my latest adventures. After the End Of Semester Beach Party last Friday, I forced myself to get up Saturday morning at 09:45 AM, because it was going to be a long day indeed: the Game Of Thrones Exhibition had entered its final weekend in The Netherlands! I cannot put in words how thankful I am that Carice van Houten has a role in the series, because that is probably why the show came to us in the first place. It visits only FIVE cities around the world, two of which are in Europe. FIVE. Just let that sink in. AROUND THE WORLD. AND AMSTERDAM WAS ONE OF THEM. You can imagine I was really excited. Especially when the final destination finally came into view:


And amazing it was. 5 hours of travelling to and from our remote corner in the southwest of the country, 1.5 hours of waiting in line (during which I realized I’d forgotten my speakers, so no blasting the famous Main Theme of the series), 15 minutes of visiting (due to security measures, only 150 people were allowed inside the exhibition space at any one time). Totally worth it. That right there should tell you how big a fan I am, and how big a deal this entire adventure is. The only downside was: no merch :(

That evening I was working at the cinema, we were screening Hitchcock. In my opinion: very commendable. That is all you need to know, but since you insist, I’ll elaborate a bit: Anthony Hopkins was spot on (per usual), Helen Mirren was spot on (per usual), and the script was really good. I did not pay a lot of attention to the music, but it was so cool to see what was happening in his life when making that movie. It really pleased my inner (and outer) cinephile.

The next day had another adventure in store: the Boekenfestijn (an amazingly HUGE book fair travelling around Belgium and The Netherlands) had landed in Antwerp. I dragged two friends along, who had both never visited Antwerp nor the book fair. After I got over my initial horror at these two revelations (the process took some time, I can assure you), I decided this would be the perfect outing for us. Indeed it was! With two actually FULL baskets, the time came to eliminate. It all became very emotional. Tears were shed, hugs were distributed, people had to step away for a while. I am not exaggerating. Not a lot, at least. I am very happy with the choices I made in the end, and here’s a pic of my final conquests:


Did you see how 4 of them are TV/movie-related? FOUR! I am so happy. I was actually surprised with myself for only bringing one work of fiction home with me, usually I am much bigger on that. Maybe it’s university finally influencing my actions. Who knows. Anyway, these additions bring my total of TV/movie-related literature to a number of 15! 15 books on film, ranging from the utterly general background info (e.g. 100 Ideas That Changed Film) through the academic, to the very specific (e.g. Inside HBO’s Game Of Thrones). And I love every single one of them.

Then Monday was not so special, so I decided to do some major sleeping in. It felt good. And then today. Tuesday. I had been invited for a lunch brainstorm session with some instructors, about university life and film and literature. Turns out, they want to organize a conference! I could be part of the organization! How cool would that be, huh? They already think I had an amazing idea: creating a photo series about university life in different countries. But it was just a thought! I have no clue how to pull it off… Do I need a more specific theme? Themes participants can choose from? What? These are some of the thoughts running through my head right now. If you feel like you have an excellent idea, don’t be shy! Any ideas are welcome :)


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