Film Addict, And Proud

Semester has ended, projects are done, now it’s time for some good old fun! Or to be more specific: now it’s time to blow some more life in my blog!

Since I have no more work to distract me from what is really important (keeping my blog alive), I will indulge myself with reminiscing on a few of my latest adventures. After the End Of Semester Beach Party last Friday, I forced myself to get up Saturday morning at 09:45 AM, because it was going to be a long day indeed: the Game Of Thrones Exhibition had entered its final weekend in The Netherlands! I cannot put in words how thankful I am that Carice van Houten has a role in the series, because that is probably why the show came to us in the first place. It visits only FIVE cities around the world, two of which are in Europe. FIVE. Just let that sink in. AROUND THE WORLD. AND AMSTERDAM WAS ONE OF THEM. You can imagine I was really excited. Especially when the final destination finally came into view: Continue reading